“Christ IN YOU the HOPE of GLORY”

You are about to enter the Holy of Holies! Let your mind be at rest in Messiah your Passover, your Covenant, your Inheritance,  your Sabbath,  your Circumcision, your Tabernacle and your Mercy Seat.  His Blood is more than sufficient to give you access into that place within the vail.  We have passed within the rent vail of His flesh and into His very Bosom!  See yourself through the Father’s eyes, seated together in Christ on the throne at His right hand!Leave the lowlands of human logic and step out of the boat with Peter, looking unto Jesus Who supersedes the waves and the storms all around you!  He will make your feet like hinds feet so that you will walk upon YOUR high places!  Christ within you is your expectation and hope of Glory!  You EXPECT to be ultimately GLORIFIED - It is your INHERITANCE!  Because HE is glorified, YOU, as a JOINT-HEIR, ARE and ultimately SHALL BE GLORIFIED! Because HE is the embodiment and fulness of ALL God intended US to be-

                                                       “AS HE IS,
                                        SO ARE WE
                                 in this present world...”

We do not need to get blessed, for we are ALREADY BLESSED with ALL the blessings Heaven has to bestow! Dare to search out these blessings and ask Him to reveal to you HOW to APPROPRIATE THEM IN YOUR LIFE!
The focus of the content in this website is not meant to be a re-hash of well-worn themes, or, as one so aptly put it, just “sawing sawdust”. There are myriad commentaries already available for those who desire a general exposition of Bible history, or of the books of the Bible. It is my conviction however that many of the fundamental doctrines which have been set forth in many of these has been done in a manner that renders some of the most vital doctrines obscure, only hinting at the truth, but never really tackling them head on. It is my purpose here to say the things which I feel need to be said, regardless of the ensuing criticism which may arise because of it. Either the Bible is a revelation of divine facts, or it purports things to be one way when in reality they are another. If that is the case, then God is being less than forthright with us. But God does not deceive or exaggerate. To believe what some have said, would be the same as to say that God takes us by the hand and gives us a tour of His miracle gallery, dazzles our eyes and imaginations, and then finishes the tour with the words, “It’s not really what it seems, these things aren’t really as great as I make them appear to be.” Is this the kind of a God we are setting forth before a skeptical world? When He says, “Nothing shall be impossible to you”, He is neither teasing us nor exaggerating! There are no footnotes here! Did He really mean to use the term “nothing” in this verse??? or did He only mean ‘some things’?  It is high time that men stopped apologizing for what God has said – He never apologizes! Let the scripture stand on its own! Most expositors are so diligent in telling us what God did not mean that we are at a loss to know what He did mean! It is as if they have come to the very border of the Promised Land only to say, “Yes! It’s very wonderful, but you musn’t dare to cross over or venture in too far!” And much of this kind of theology has consequently been wandering in the wilderness of the theological status quo, never daring to venture beyond the limits set for them by their peers lest they should offend or appear to be reckless!  But the truths which I will attempt, however imperfectly, to set before you cannot be easily refuted if they are objectively examined in the full light of Holy Scripture! Let scripture itself be the judge! We must be ready to venture beyond the fundamentals of fundamentalism! Other pioneers of the truth had to be willing to allow the scripture to lead them beyond what was accepted in their day – even at the cost of being labeled heretics, otherwise, we might never have arrived at the place we are today. I do not mean to say that we should carelessly venture into error, but that we must be willing to let God mean what He has revealed in His Word just as He has revealed it, so that He may lead us into vital areas of truth that we were previously afraid to venture into or acknowledge! We must let God set the boundaries for us. If in this venture we are required to discard previously cherished ideas, beliefs, or doctrines in our pursuit of divine truth – then so be it! Let us ascend into the heights, and descend into the great deeps of the revelation vouchsafed to us that we might measure the length, breadth, depth and height of our inheritance – after all, it belongs to us!!!

Just WHO is God???

Does the question seem beleaguered?                                                           

The answer is simple, God is the most amazing Being ever known to man! What makes Him so Great? He is great because in His great longing for you and me He devised a plan by which He could share out that greatness with us! Salvation is more than a picture of a mass of conquered souls falling down slavishly to some fearful Deity as if realizing they have no other recourse! Yes, God is all powerful and makes devils tremble, yet He delights in sharing His wonders with the family He so dearly and intensely loves, and if you are in this family, read on!